Hillary & Gregory | Fells Point Engagement Session | Landrum Photography, LLC | Baltimore & Destination Wedding Photographer

Happy Sunday all!

The weather is finally starting to feel like Spring, which means it's time to get those engagement sessions scheduled. There are so many fantastic places within the city to have them taken but I have found that one of my absolute favorite places is Fells Point. It's so unique and the cobblestone roads remind me of living in Europe. If you are looking for a location with water, rustic, special little spots that you can't find anywhere else, and that true Baltimore feel; Fells Point is your jam. 

Hillary, Gregory and I have had this engagement session on our calendars for over a month and we were SO excited when the day finally came. I always ask my couples if there is a particular location that means the most to them; perhaps where they first met, first started dating, etc.. They told me they wanted to have the photos taken at Fells Point because it's where they first started dating and it's still one of their favorite places to go to. Needless to say I was super excited for their choice!

As a little insight about my workflow, I always have my couples fill out a little questionnaire a week before their engagement session. I like to ask what kind of couple they are, favorite things they like to do with each other, how they met, if they have a pet and want to include their furbaby into their session, etc.. I also ask if they are comfortable with affection in public. I feel like we forget to ask this question because we don't come across too many couples that aren't uncomfortable with it, but those couples are out there and do exist. I feel that it's essential to keep asking your clients question so that they keep asking. The more you know the more comfortable every one will be. Personally, I love to make each session tailored to every client. Everyone is different and a prompt that may work for most of your clients may not work for another.


Back to the session...


I have to be typical...I love taking photos on the docks, especially in Fells Point. A little stroll, share a kiss, little twirl, and close up of the ring...

I love to try new things with my couples, but I always make sure it is within their comfort zone. I  asked Gregory, "how do you feel about dipping, Hillary?" his response: "as long as she's OK with it". And she was! We ran out into the street when we saw no cars coming and took my favorite photos of the entire session. Can we say...romantic?