Merry Little Christmas Mini Sessions at Ritter Farm, LLC.

The Saturday of December 9th couldn't have been any more perfect. Earlier in the week I noticed that there was snow in the forecast but I didn't give it a second thought -- when was the last time that the weather forecast was 100% correct? As the week went on more people were talking about the impending snow storm so that's when I sent out the emails for snow advisory to everyone who signed up for Christmas mini sessions that weekend and packed up my bag with all the essentials to stay warm.

It ended up snowing the exact day of my Merry Little Christmas Mini Sessions! Ritter Farm, LLC who graciously hosted the minis at their location in Sykesville, Maryland was coated in a foot of snow with constant flakes falling from the overcast sky. It was beyond perfection -- a photographer's snow dream!

My clients were true troopers and didn't let the snow storm faze them. 

Check out some of their photos and look at Ritter Farm, LLC's website: