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After some serious researching back in 2018 (2 whole years before our wedding!) Landrum Photography was recommended by an app that I had downloaded for wedding planning. My - now - husband and I met up with Natalie for a consultation and went over everything we were looking for in our photos as well as pricing. Natalie’s level of professionalism and the quality of her portfolio truly influenced our decision to book her services. We truly got to see Natalie’s passion for her work during our engagement session which was part of our wedding package. The perfect Sunday shoot that was supposed to full of peak fall foliage and sunshine was quite the opposite! We had pouring rain and severe cloud coverage with not a ray in sight! Needless to say I was so upset, my hair was coming uncurled, I was worried my makeup was going to come off, and we were trying to keep our pups from jumping on our clothes and ruining our outfits. Natalie quickly turned our frowns upside down - for real - as she instantly started cracking jokes and snapping her shutter capturing such beautiful candid moments between us. We soon forgot about the weather and after about 20 minutes in, we completely ditched the umbrella. My FAVORITE photos and memories are standing in the rain kissing my husband notebook style on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, and we wouldn’t have them if Natalie hadn’t been willing to hike a whole mile to the top! If that wasn’t enough, she freaking killed it again at our wedding this year. Everything looked natural, effortless, and so unique compared to other photography styles. You will not regret booking Landrum Photography, Natalie puts her heart and soul into her work and it obviously shows.


The most popular question we get asked is: "why the fuck do you do weddings? it seems like so much work and so much stress"

And here is my answer: because we fucking love them. 

Being able to connect with other human beings and dive headfirst into their lives and pull those heart strings is damn magic. We are very thankful and blessed to have this gift.

We will dance with you. We will have fun with you. We will cry with you. I, me Nat, will hold your dress up so you can pee. We will get on that dirty ass floor to make sure you get some bangin' photos. 

Why? Because you both deserve the best.

We immortalize these special moments for them so that they never lose how they truly felt at that specific moment in time. 

That is powerful within itself...and with great power comes great responsibility...what you really think we weren't going to throw in that famous line?


places we've traveled for weddings

Montego Bay, Jamaica
Negril, jamaica
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Muai, Hawaii
New jersey
baltimore, maryland
Tuscon, Arizona
baltimore, maryland
warsaw, poland

1. I started as a pet photographer and I believe it's helped me gain a lot of patience for photographing people because, let's be honest, people can be more difficult to photograph than animals!

2. I became a photographer to document my children growing. I slipped into the wedding world by accident and never looked back ever since.

3. Tacos and sushi are my major soft spot.

4. I've traveled to some incredible countries and have lived in Germany a lot of my life (not military).

5. Is it basic of me to admit I love listening to true crime podcasts?

all these things that we love

1. Cinematography isn't all that I do; I am also a programmer.

2. I want to be known as a cinematographer as I want to create wedding films, not videos. 

3. If there's a brewery I haven't been to yet, well I guess I'm checking it out.

4. In a past life I wanted to be in a metal band.

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