Nat here, make yourself at home.I never thought that I would be running my own business, especially as a photographer. Growing up I was extremely introverted, so much that I couldn't make eye contact with other people.

My husband is the one that showed me how to truly use a camera. Photography has become my escape from reality. It is my safe space. It is my time to step into the shoes of an artistic director and meet some amazing humans from all corners of the world.

I tell all of my couples that their session is their date. It is important to me that they enjoy their intimacy and time together. This is how I learn about them both and their relationship and, of course, create beautiful, raw images for them to treasure.

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Nat: I started as a pet photographer and I believe it's helped me gain a lot of patience for photographing people because, let's be honest, people can be more difficult to photograph than animals!

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James: Cinematography isn't all that I do; I am also a full time programmer.

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Nat: I love horror movies and all things spooky.

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Nat + James:
We love to listen to True Crime podcasts on our way to and from sessions and weddings.



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