Nat here, make yourself at home.

I never thought that I would be running my own business, especially as a photographer. Growing up I was extremely introverted, so much that I couldn't make eye contact with other people.

My husband is the one that showed me how to truly use a camera. Photography has become my escape from reality. It is my safe space. It is my time to step into the shoes of an artistic director and meet some amazing humans from all corners of the world.

I tell all of my couples that their session is their date. It is important to me that they enjoy their intimacy and time together. This is how I learn about them both and their relationship and, of course, create beautiful, raw images for them to treasure.


(My True Love)

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My Philosophy

There are so many ways of how to describe my style but the bottom line is: I LOVE DOCUMENTING HUMANS. 

Every couple that comes to me is unique and has their own story to tell. They are my biggest inspiration. They are who push me to grow and learn and forever be adventurous.

My approach to photographing is very hands off, but I know when to step in and take charge. I want to blend in and sneak around. I get storytelling and scene-setting images.

My biggest goal is that my couples enjoy their day. I want them to focus on each other, their family and friends.

Everything else is taken care of behind the scenes. 

d. All of them!

c. Law & Order: SVU

b. letterkenny

a. Stranger Things

01. What am I watching?

My Quiz Results

02. Favorite drink?

a. Gin & Tonic

b. Sex on the beach

c. Martini

d. Pina Colada

03. What's your style?

a. 90s + lots of black

b. Casual

c. Sexy

d. Vintage

04. If you could go back in time what would you change? 

Absolutely nothing! I have no regrets! The things we leave in the past makes us who we are today!

05. Favorite animal?

a. Dogs

b. Cats

06. What's your favorite icecream?

a.  Blackberry

b. Chocolate

c. Twix

d. Strawberry

c. Horses

d. all animal lover